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Causes & Fixes for a Chimney Leak

Causes & Fixes for a Chimney Leak by Superior Chimney, Lombard, IL

Chimney leaks. Every time it rains, and we’ve had plenty, Superior Chimney experiences an increase in calls about chimney leaks. One of the reasons that it is important to call us versus writing a message on Facebook is to determine if the chimney leak is coming from the chimney or from the roof. To determine the source, we’re going review the causes of a chimney leak.

Chimney Crown the Slab of Cement

Cause #1: The chimney crown is the slab of cement on top of the chimney. The chimney crown acts as a protectant, or a barrier to rain, snow, sun and wind and maybe even a critter or two. Over time, cracks in the chimney crown can form from expansion and contraction which then allow water to find its way into your home.

Solution: There’s two solutions to the problem. First, if the chimney crown has deteriorated enough and the cracks are wide and plentiful, then after a Superior Chimney inspection, the chimney crown may need replacing in order to stop the chimney leak. If the chimney crown has smaller cracks, it just may need to be repaired. A proper assessment from our certified chimney technician will be able to guide you to the correct solution.

TuckpointingIn Between the Bricks

Cause #2: Rain is a talented weather element. It can make its way into your home through the porous brick and mortar. Brick and mortar expands and contracts as the temperatures rise and fall. Over time, gaps are formed between the mortar and the bricks causing chimney leaks to occur.

Solution: Once a Superior Chimney masonry expert repairs the brick and mortar, its best to waterproof the chimney with Chimney Saver. Chimney Saver acts as a barrier to the weather elements, minimizes deterioration of the brick and mortar and preserves the chimney for the long term.

Chimney Flashing Where to Roof & Chimney Meet

Causes #3: One of the weakest points for a chimney leak is where the chimney and the roofline meet. Roofers will install chimney flashing to guard against moisture. If the chimney flashing shifts, blows away, or the seal wears away it is a prime source for chimney leaks.

Solution: Getting a certified technician to evaluate the situation and service/seal the chimney flashing is the only course of action to ensure that “chimney leaks” stay away. The materials that make up the chimney flashing all work together to protect this vulnerable roofing area by directing the rain, snow or moisture away from the chimney and eventually away from the house. 

Chimney Cap – The Protector

Cause #4: Chimney caps, or a lack of a chimney cap, can cause a chimney leak, critters to nest and debris to settle directly into your chimney and home. If the chimney cap has shifted, blown off or if the sides or top of the chimney cap is missing, problems in your chimney will begin.

Solution: Chimney caps are the first line of defense to many of these causes. The steel structure of the chimney cap ensures a long durable life on top of the chimney. It also protects from rain, animals searching for a warm or safe place to live and any other moisture ready to enter your home.

Chimney leaks are important to fix right away as they can lead to further deterioration and more repairs or replacement. Be sure to have your chimney swept and inspected each year, if you use it or not, as the exterior elements continue to live, move and breathe whether you use your fireplace or not. Superior Chimneys certified technicians render thorough inspections so that causes of a chimney leak stay as far away from you and your home as possible. Contact us at 877-244-6349 and like us on Facebook!

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