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What is Chimney Flashing? How Do I Know When to Repair It?

The configuration of metal parts are cut, shaped and installed in the mortar joints of the chimney and sit between the roofing material and the chimney. Then caulk is used to seal the edge of the flashing to the chimney material. This provides a tight seal so water can’t get behind the flashing.

However, with weather conditions and time, the sealant will dry out and crack. Another reason why it’s important to have your chimney inspected each year by Superior Chimney.

Repair or Replace the Chimney Flashing

As we all know, living in our weather conditions can definitely take a toll on everything, including the flashing. It’s important to get the exterior of the chimney and the flashing checked each year. Weather has a way of eroding the flashing seal which can miraculously disappear in areas.

Well, now you know all about chimney flashing. That metal configuration that has a very important job. Be sure to take care of it with a yearly 14-point inspection by Superior Chimney.

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