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How Often Do You Use Your Fireplace?

Have you ever wondered how many people use their fireplace? There’s practically a fireplace (or three) in homes all across Chicago and the Chicagoland area. The fireplace has become the useable accessory in our family room, kitchen and even the bedrooms. But not everyone uses it…or do they? Here’s what we found out from a poll taken on Houzz.

From 505 votes homeowners use their fireplace:

163 – Everyday

80 – Once a week

37 – Once a month

58 – Once a year

127 – Never

40 – Other…

Now the question remains…are those fireplaces being swept and inspected for worthiness? Fireplaces are beautiful, we love to look at them, and most times, use them too. But be sure to take care of it and have it swept and inspected annually. Call Superior Chimney today for a 14-point inspection at 877-244-6349. . Be sure to ‘like’ us on Facebook!

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