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The 5 Signs of a Chimney Water Leak

The 5 Signs of a Chimney Water Leak by Superior Chimney, Lombard, IL

After many days of rain, I spent time last night dining outside at a local restaurant. Even though it was a bit chilly, it felt great getting some fresh air. As all of our tables were ‘socially distant’, my ears are always aware of interesting conversations around me. The one that caught my attention was the conversation about a stain that formed on the corner ceiling and wall in their family room.

I listened to the person’s thoroughness of trying to uncover the source of the problem. I heard how they cleaned out the gutters, and checked for any missing roofing tiles. Nothing. They called out a roofer to inspect for any problems with the roofing system. Nothing. What didn’t they do? Consider the chimney.

Many people forget that the tallest point on the home is most vulnerable to the elements outside. This past week is a perfect example. The chimney experienced constant rain, high winds, and a drastic change in temperature. That’s a perfect storm for water leaks in a chimney.

Water leaks can appear in many different forms. Here are the top 5:

  1. Water stains, discoloration, visible leaks and moisture on the walls or ceilings around the chimney
  2. Musty odor coming from the fireplace especially after the rains
  3. Hearing the drips of water coming into the chimney, some slow, some much faster
  4. Water or condensation inside of the fireplace
  5. Problems with the interior or exterior masonry such as cracks or spalling

If any of these experiences are currently happening in and/or around your fireplace, then you need to call Superior Chimney to get that fixed right away.

But Wait! I Don’t Use the Fireplace, or It Hasn’t Been Turned On Yet!

Even though you don’t use the fireplace, or you have a gas fireplace, the elements outside are still active. Rain, snow, hail, wind and temperature change are constantly in motion causing deterioration to the chimney. That’s why it’s important to have the chimney checked each year. As part of the 14-point inspection, a certified technician will carefully check the interior and exterior chimney condition.

Some of the points we’re looking at outside that are the most common causes of water leaks are:

The certified technician will take pictures of the chimney outside. We use these pictures to explain what we look for and inform you of any findings. Once we’re done, we will email the pictures to you for your own personal records.


It’s important to remember…chimneys are an integral part of your home, and most home heating systems, with lots of different parts making up their structure. Keep it in good working order by having the chimney 14-point inspection done each year. This way you’ll never need to worry about me listening in on your conversation.

Contact Superior Chimney for a 14-point inspection and chimney sweep at 877-244-6349.

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