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Fireplace is Off, Summer is On & Repairs are….

As many of us begin to enjoy time off, spending time outside playing with kids, talking with neighbors and walking around the house and yard are many of our pleasures. We begin to make checklists of projects that need to be done, sometimes small and some a bit bigger than expected. Even thought this isn’t the time of year to light a fire in the fireplace, it is the time of year to think about making any repairs to the chimney. Here are the top 4 reasons to repair your chimney in summer.

  1. Tuckpointing the Chimney: The mortar between the bricks does deteriorate. Taking care of tuckpointing now will allow the mortar to cure properly. The best part…by tending to it now, will eliminate any need for rebuilding the chimney which is a costly chimney repair.
  2. Waterproofing the Chimney: Extend the life of the chimney by waterproofing the bricks and mortar. As Chicago weather continues to be extreme, it’s one less thing we need to worry about…water leaks coming from the chimney and fireplace.
  3. Chimney Cap, Chimney Crown, Flashing: Speaking of leaks, all three of these, chimney cap, chimney crown and flashing are common entry points for water to penetrate your home. Getting these 3 items checked and repaired is a cost effective way to avoiding lots of other damage.
  4. Chimney Liners: The chimney liner is vital for the safety of you and your home. The chimney liner is the path from your fireplace to your exterior chimney. Getting it repaired now will ensure the use of your fireplace in the fall. Remember, gas or natural wood burning, the fireplace is part of your home’s heating system.

As you relax and enjoy your time off, schedule Superior Chimney to come and check these areas for repair. You’ll be glad you did it now.

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