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Rain, Freeze, Thaw…Repeat

The absence of snow these past 3 weeks was a well needed break. Certainly, didn’t think rain would be taking its place, especially in January. But it did. Not only did it rain, but the rain turned to sleet, froze, thawed and the water found its way into my friend’s house. They described it as, “The sound of dripping water boomed throughout the house.” Okay, maybe a bit exaggerated, but when water is where it shouldn’t be, it’s a booming sound.

As they made their way into the family room, the situation was clear: the water was coming from the fireplace. Oops correction, not IN the fireplace, but the firewood storage area NEXT to the fireplace. The dripping of water was enough for a bucket.

What’s even more interesting…they don’t use their fireplace, evident by all of the spider webs.

How could a fireplace, that is never used, have such problems? Water makes it way in…freezes and thaws creating cracks of all shapes and sizes resulting in leaks in the chimney and in the fireplace.

What can be done?

Fortunately for you, getting to the roof is dangerous this time of year. That’s why you need to call Superior Chimney. Here’s what we’ll check and potentially fix:

1. Take a look at the chimney cap. Is it in good shape or does it need replacing?
2. Inspect the chimney crown. Does it need repair, or does it need to be replaced?
3. Check the brick and mortar joints. Are there any loose bricks or warn down mortar?
By having these three items checked and fixed, you’ll get rid of the booming sound in the house. So yes it’s January, and yes you are recovering from the expenses of December, but getting it inspected now and fixed now will save you additional repair costs.

Call Superior Chimney at 877-CHIM FIX 877-244-6349.

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