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Put a Damper On It!

A little chimney humor.

Many of you probably figured it out. I’m talking about chimney dampers. If you’re like me, I love the fireplace, but not the cold breeze. Sitting in the family room watching TV with the family, as I’m sure most are, the last thing you want to feel is a chill in the air. Everyone reaches for the blanket, gets a bit cranky because they’re still cold and begin to moan for hot chocolate or to start a fire in the fireplace. The last thing I want to hear is, “I’m so cold, feel my hands,” or my personal favorite, “I’m so cold, feel my nose.” I don’t even want to touch the dog’s nose.

How can you eliminate the whining and complaining?

Superior Chimney has a great chimney cap and chimney damper in one. This will reduce the cool breeze or cold air coming into the home from the chimney. To me, that’s the #1 reason. However, there are other benefits to the chimney cap and chimney damper combo. Do these benefits help you?

• Keep the rain, snow, sleet and hail outside
• Seal in the heat during cold months, Seal in the cool summer air during the warm months
• Seal out bugs, animals and birds
• Prevents sparks from landing on the rooftop. You certainly don’t want a house fire.
• More efficient than the traditional throat-mount chimney flues.
• Lifetime warranty, a certain plus!

Call Superior Chimney today at 877-CHIM-FIX or 877-244-6349 and get the chimney cap chimney damper done ASAP. There’s only a few games, make the most of your family time.

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