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What is Chimney Flashing? How Do I Know When to Repair It?

The configuration of metal parts are cut, shaped and installed in the mortar joints of the chimney and sit between the roofing material and the chimney. Then caulk is used to seal the edge of the flashing to the chimney material. This provides a tight seal so water can’t get behind the flashing. However, with […]

How Your Chimney Shows Signs of Being ‘Under the Weather’

Chicago weather… You never know what to expect. One minute we get reminded what sunshine looks like, and the next, 4-foot snow drifts up against the garage door. We spoke with a couple of our certified technicians as to what to look out for with all of the recent snow, sleet, freezing temperatures and the […]

The 5 Signs of a Chimney Water Leak

After many days of rain, I spent time last night dining outside at a local restaurant. Even though it was a bit chilly, it felt great getting some fresh air. As all of our tables were ‘socially distant’, my ears are always aware of interesting conversations around me. The one that caught my attention was […]

Chimney Repairs – Do It Once. That’s It.

It’s the weekend again and our big activity is to take a walk around the neighborhood. People who you never see outside are now cutting the grass, cleaning out the gutters, or even washing windows. At least they are giving me something different to look at. I will admit, there was a house I walked […]

Fall Winds & Rain Bring Out the Chimney & Fireplace Issues. Here are the Top 5.

The harshness of Fall is beginning to settle in. High winds, rain, dropping temperatures all have an effect on your chimney and fireplace. Before you get cozy by the fireplace, don’t delay any longer, get it cleaned and checked. Here are 5 Common Chimney Issues to watch for: 1. Crack in the Flue – chimney […]

A Chimney Clean and Check in August? Why? Here’s 6 of 14 Reasons.

August is a big vacation month for families. It doesn’t always mean taking an airplane to Florida, it may mean a long weekend to a waterpark or even a staycation with get togethers’ with family and friends. As the month goes on, we begin to get the kids ready for school and try to get […]

Chimney Repairs? Know Who You’re Hiring.

Heavy rains and high winds are the perfect ingredients for a deteriorating chimney.  Chimney repair companies know you can’t get on the roof to inspect the chimney, and they also know that you are unfamiliar with chimney repair issues. That’s probably why you get a plethora of direct mail, email and phone calls every spring […]

Fireplace is Off, Summer is On & Repairs are….

As many of us begin to enjoy time off, spending time outside playing with kids, talking with neighbors and walking around the house and yard are many of our pleasures. We begin to make checklists of projects that need to be done, sometimes small and some a bit bigger than expected. Even thought this isn’t […]

Have You Ever Experienced Rain in 4D?

Saturday’s rain was never ending. We pushed through and went to a friend’s house to watch an evening of college football. As the football game played on the vast flat screen right over the mantel of the fireplace, we can see and hear the rain coming down…both outside and on the TV. The severity of […]

Tuckpointing Chuckle

This is a must share picture on tuckpointing. I had to chuckle…a lot. I did not find the picture on the Internet, this was taken out on the job site. Someone thought they could repair the chimney and the side of the wall. Tuckpointing is a real art form…as this person found out. There’s just […]

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