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Chimney Brick Repair: Before Another Storm Hits

Chimney Brick Repair: Before Another Storm Hits by Superior Chimney, Lombard, IL

This has been a bit of a rough summer with the rain storms and high winds. It has resulted in numerous homes needing brick chimney repair. Now, that’s not to say those with stone chimneys or chimney’s made of siding don’t need repair, because they certainly do. Let’s talk about what goes into a brick chimney repair and chimneys made from other materials.

What is a Brick Chimney Repair?

A brick chimney repair is when a highly skilled masonry specialist restores the chimney materials back to their original state. This can include, but not limited to the bricks, mortar, chimney crown and chimney fire tiles.

Repair Chimney Bricks, Stone and Other Materials

Chimney repairs made from bricks, stone, siding or concrete deteriorate over time. This can cause the chimney materials to fall off, flake or chip as too much moisture has absorbed in the materials which causes them to fall apart.

It’s hard to know when these materials become loose as the chimney is the highest point on your home. It’s not like you look at the chimney every day to notice the changes. However, this can be rectified when you have a yearly inspection on the fireplace and chimney, even when you don’t use the fireplace or if the fireplace is gas. Call 877-244-6349 for a chimney inspection.

Repair Chimney Mortar

Chimney mortar is the cement material in between the bricks and stones. It’s basically the glue that keeps everything together. But just like glue, it doesn’t stick forever. That’s why bricks and stones need to be tuckpointed when the mortar is no longer in between the bricks and stones or is loose to the touch. This is repaired by grinding and then inserting fresh mortar to ensure the material is secure.

Chimney Crown Cracking

Just like a real crown, which goes on top of a person’s head, the chimney crown sits on top of the chimney. This is to protect from weather elements as well as protect the surrounding chimney materials. As always, the chimney crown can crack allowing snow, and rain water to enter in between. In fact, it doesn’t matter how small of a crack it may be, the water can and will penetrate the crack.

Chimney Flashing Leaves a Void

Chimney flashing is the staircase looking material at the bottom of the chimney. The importance of the chimney flashing is to connect the roofing system to the chimney. This directs the rain and snow away from the chimney and onto the roofing system where it filters into the gutters. If the rain water or snow gets behind the chimney flashing, then it has direct access into your home. That’s why when the chimney technicians are at your home, they always check if the flashing is still flush against the chimney. Any spare room will immediately welcome the elements and create chaos.

Why Now is the Best Time

Getting repairs done on the chimney is most commonly completed in the spring, summer or fall. The seasons allow for the best conditions for the materials to dry and adhere to the chimney structure. If you are not sure what condition your chimney is in, or you know it’s in need of repair, now is the best time to contact us before the winter sets in. Contact us today at 877-244-6349. We’ll get you taken care of right away.

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